What size dog carrier should i get?


Jul 6, 2006
I want to get my dog the monogram dog carrier, she's a Western Highland Terrier. She's a year old and weighs 7 kilos. Her name is Pashmina and she is the love of my life, i'm not one of those people who just stashes a tiny dog in their purse cause it looks good just so you know haha.

I wanted to get her the lv carrier the day i got her but she was only a pup and way too small to be kept in a carrier, and there was also the matter of toilet training also lol. I took her to lv and putting her in the big one it seems a bit big for her, i don't want her sliding around everywhere inside as i'm sure that wouldn't feel that great for her. =/ But the small one is just right, its snug, she can lie down and sit but doesn't have too much moving space meaning she can't turn around in the carrier.

What do you think i should do? Which size do you think i would be better off with?
I think if you're just putting her in it for small periods of time then the small one is good (i.e. if you're just walking down the street with her or for short car trips). If you plan on using it for longer road trips in the car, etc. then you may want the bigger one so she is more comfortable.
Personally I'd forget about the LV carrier,neither size will be comfortable for this breed when it's full grown.These dogs average in weight from 15 lbs to 22lbs as adults.Dogs have legs for a reason let it use them,they love walking :smile: .
I think a bag is very useful here it is so cold that you NEED a bag for the dog I am not one of those who says no to the dog carriers while they are confortable, from ym experience the carrier has to be very confortalbe for your doggy she has to be able to fit inside standing normally and there has to be at least 10 cm infront and back of her so she has enough space...
from there I think you should choose
I have always heard that the dog should have enough room to stand up and turn around, so the bigger may be better. My maltese loves her carrier -- but not LV yet! Hope you and your dog have fun traveling together!!!
Consider the type of traveling you'll be doing with her.
The westhighlandwhiteterrier has so much energy I wonder if she will really be contained.
Maybe talk with your vet.

Hope you both have fun! woof!