What size does this pendant look to be?

  1. I'm looking to buy a similar St. Christopher pendant and am wondering about the size of Nicole's. Does hers seem to be about 1 inch in dimensions? How about the chain length - 20 inches or 24 inches? Thanks girls! :yes:

  2. Looks about the size of a quarter and I'd guess that the chain is at least 22 inches long or longer...she's SO tiny that it's hard to tell exactly. :smile:
  3. I thought so too, about the size of a quarter, about 1 inch then. I guess I'll do a 24" chain just to make sure on the length as I could always get it shortened.

    Is that type of very delicate gold chain called an open link chain? I have no clue what to look for when ordering...

  4. Looks like a cable chain, 22-24 inch length
    I would say the pendant is the size of a nickel, not quite as big as a quarter.
    Hope that helps.
  5. man, so hard to tell on her. she makes a balenciaga classique look like a city.
  6. hahaha lol! True, so true...teeny weenie Nicole. I love that pendant though and must find something similar!

    TY japster! Actually I think she has two different pendants now, a two-tone one and the larger all gold one. I thought it was St. Christopher but it actually looks like some zodiac thing. That one seems to be about 1" for sure and on a longer chain, probably 24". Sound about right you think?

  7. Yep that sounds right. Good luck!
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