What size do you think this kelly bag is?

  1. Is it a 28 or smaller? It's quite lovely, isn't it? I'm trying to decide on the right size for me. Thank you.
  2. 32???
  3. CBK was very tall. I think it's at least a 28, maybe even 32.
  4. Looks like a 28 retourne.
  5. retourne, really? I thought it looked like sellier?
  6. It's hard to say 100% for sure, but I'm guessing from the edging and the way the bag looks soft in Box (see the back), it's behaving like box in retourne. Box in sellier (unless really vintage) would have a stiffer back.
  7. I think it's a retourne too.
    As for size I am not sure. She is very tall so it's hard to say if it's 28 or 32.
  8. It looks about the same as my 28 Retourne and I am tall also, it looked great on CBK.
  9. I say 28 retourne