What size do you think is better??

  1. i´m thinking in buying a ysl muse bag but i don´t know what is the best size, i´m petit buy i like big bags.....could you tell me too how large are the large, extralarge o medium??thank you very much!
  2. The oversize is pretty big. It could go down to your waist, from the shoulder. The straps are shorter. The Large seems to be the right size.
  3. large size
  4. I personally like the Large size the best. It is still a big bag without being overwhelming. The XL is gorgeous but REALLY big and the medium will probably be too small for you if you like bigger bags.
  5. Hi there,
    I am debating the same thing.
    I see the XL on tiny celebs and it looks gorgeous!
    I have a baby and am thinking it could hold a lot of things!
  6. I vote for large. Especially on a petite frame. I'm 5'3ish (but always in heels) and I found the XL/ Oversize too big on me. It was sort of uncomfortable to carry. Something to do with how the bottom of the bag was banging against my side. But I suggest you try them on if you get a chance. You never know which you'll prefer until you've held them both.
  7. could you tell me the size of the large one?or where i can see photos to compare?
  8. You know, the "Oversize verus Large Muse Question" is probably the single-most-talked-about issue in this YSL subforum! If you do a search, there are SO many threads about the size issue, going back more than a year.

    Personally, I own a Chocolate Oversize Muse. Before I bought it last July, I debated for months about the size. Ultimately, I preferred the look of the Oversize--I felt like it was the "quintessential" Muse that was seen most often on the runways and on celebs, and that the bag just looked better longer and more vertical (north-south), as opposed to the shorter Large size. Plus, I wanted to use it as a tote for work.

    That said, plenty of tPFers think that the Oversize is too big, which I can certainly understand. I always advise potential Muse buyers to go try them on, if possible.

    Here are some pics from the Celebs & YSLs thread of the Oversize Chocolate Muse (the one that I own)...

    Jennifer Aniston

    Jessica Alba

    Demi Moore

  9. I have to agree with Cosmopolitan!
    I love the shape of the XL vs the L there is a difference!
    These celebs are pretty petite and they look fabulous with their bags!
  10. i have a large camel color lg one and ordered the XL in chocolate. it was just too big for me. i am 5'4.5" tall, and it was very awkward, unless you are using for a tote. i love my large one.