What size did I get????

  1. I need your help ladies!!!

    I've been dying to get a pink classic flap in medium size before the price hike. I ordered it from Saks and when I got it I thought it was too small.

    I compared with my medium flap bag and it's definetely smaller.
    When I bought my Timeless classic flap bag in my local Chanel store, I was told it was the medium size. The next bigger size was the jumbo.
    So I ordered the same one in Saks, and seems to be somewhere between the medium and the one shown here:

    (pic from celebrities with Chanel handbags thread)

    I am a bit confused. Which size did I get??? is there one between the mini and the medium?

    This is awful. I have to return the bag to another country and I already paid close to $300 for taxes to get the package, apart from the price of the bag. I have lost that money on the way and I don't know whose fault is it, the Saks SA or mine.
    Sorry but I don't have any pic to compare both of my bags... Is there a small flap bag apart from the mini?
  2. I'm not sure, but I do think that there is.:confused1:
    I think the sizes are mini, small, medium, large, and then jumbo

    Some SAs (as we know) don't know as much as we do, and they don't know the different sizes. I know an SA at Chanel on Palm Beach didn't know that the reissue came in 5 sizes. She thought it was only 4:shame:
  3. I got to measure both! Maybe with the size you can tell me which one I have!

    So, my "big" one is 26 cm from side to side... which makes a bit more than 10" if my conversion page is OK.

    The pink one is 24 cm from side to side and that makes 9.4" more or less. Does this make any sense to you? can you identify this with the medium size?

    I think I got confused by the ladies at the Chanel store here. According to them, the timeless classic flap only comes in 3 sizes: mini, medium and Jumbo. I know I didn't get the jumbo so I thought I got the medium.... Oh, this is so confusing!
  4. ^^^Well there definitely are more than 3 sizes so yet again the SAs are wrong.....:shame:

    From your measurements I think you have the small size. Hopefully other experts can chime in and help...

    Did you go to the Chanel Library subforum ??? I'm sure there is some info there that will help...:yes:
  5. Yes, I went there but sizes come in " and not in cm and I don't really trust the conversors online as there is such a tiny difference between the two ones I have here... I will try to take a pic with my phone camera and post it.
  6. Here it is...