What size Chameleon Insert is most versatile?

  1. I know it depends on how big your bags are... But in general, would medium be best? How is the sturdy compared to the extra sturdy? Thanks!
  2. I have a question to add on to this too! I was thinking about getting a chameleon and wanted to know the best sites to purchase them on!!

  3. Hi, i have a small brown chameleon and it fits all of my bags, but it tends to fall over a little in my larger bags. If you do a search here on Chameleon you will find a lot of threads with a lot of helpful info and pictures. The website is: chameleoninserts.com. Good luck! You'll love it!
  4. Thanks!!! The site is great, do you really like having one? Since joining the tpf I have always looked, but I am not sure if I want to take the leap into Chameleon owning!!!
  5. Yesssss! I absolutely love it. Once you get all of your stuff in it situated the way you want, it makes changing bags a breeze. I was lazy about changing bags before because I had so much stuff to switch over, but now I just lift my chameleon out of one bag and put it in another. The only inside pocket I use in my bags is the cell phone pocket. I am planning to get a medium and a large chameleon soon!
  6. I have the large and it fits in all my bags but my really small ones (of course).
    I bought my mother the medium because she hasn't yet gotten into the big bag trend like I have but it doesn't have the sturdy cardboard in the sides so it gets squished a lot.

    I've been SUPER happy with my large size.
  7. I have both the small and medium size and find the smaller one just perfect.

    I tend to carry nothing larger than a medium sized bag so the smaller Chameleon works great for me. It makes it a snap to change bags.
    Chameleon-inside-2.JPG Chameleon-out-2.JPG
  8. When you say the "smaller" size, do you mean the actual small one? I ask because yours looks like a medium. BTW, what bag is that in the picture? It's nice!
  9. I just received an Large "extra sturdy" and a small size. So far, love them both!
  10. I have one of each size and use the Small the most. I don't like the Medium because the walls are too high (for my needs) and the one I have is a soft material so it collapes in on itself when I put things in the outer pockets.

    If I use a bigger bag, I just drop the Small inside the Large. That way, it gives me more space/pockets, the Small doesn't tip over and I don't have to change out/re-arrange my stuff. But if I could only have one, I'd pick the Small as the most versatile.