What size Boy to go for? Or Square Mini?


Feb 23, 2017
I recently bought a mini rectangle and love it but I have just been diagnosed with type one diabetes which means all my stuff that I have to carry with me now doesn't fit in. I am thinking of replacing it with either a square mini (because it is more the dimensions rather than the size of the rectangle that it doesn't fit into) or a boy bag, and if a boy bag my question is what size do I go for? old medium, new medium, is the small too smal? Any advice would be great!


Apr 19, 2015
If you can't fit all of your stuff in the rectangular mini, the square might be a challenge too- I find the square more limiting on what I can fit into it. The small boy will be too small for you- that fits about the same as a rectangular mini, if not a tiny bit less. I would go with an old medium or new medium boy bag. It's just your preference from there on what you prefer- old medium works well crossbody, but the new medium has a lot more space. I much prefer the old medium myself- I just think the size is more versatile and I like the look of it more
Apr 24, 2009
Hey there, though square would be a lovely choice, honestly it wouldnt fit anymore that a rectangular. So does the small boy due to the stiff concaved sides. I actually can most into the rectangular out of this three.

If weight is not an issue for you, old medium sounds lovely just slightly heavier than the first three options. New medium is great too, but a tad too big for my liking. If you like the rectangular shape, consider other flaps, like classic flap m/l, or reissue 225 onwards if you want a crossbody option. Sorry about the diagnose dear, & i hope you find a suitable bag for your to rock on.