What size boy bag - new medium or old medium??

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  1. #1 Jun 28, 2016
    Last edited: Jun 28, 2016
    If you had to choose between new medium in black/Ruth hardware grained calf (caviar pre fall) and old medium in black /Ruth lamb, which would you choose?
  2. #2 Jun 28, 2016
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    My vote is for the old medium! For me at least, the new medium looks a bit large (Im only 5'4"!) and I like the proportions better on the old medium. I also tend to only carry flap bags for shopping and such so I don't tend to carry a lot. In terms of leather, The grained calf will likely hold up better.... though lambskin is soo luxurious!
    That probably wasn't super helpful lol,
    Good luck!!
  3. I'm a jumbo kind of gal, so I've found that the New Medium (Large now I think) is just a better size for me. I don't think it's too large at all. It's big enough to hold a full sized wallet and I like that about it. I will say that I think my necessities list is a bit larger than most.
    I do have several Old Mediums too though, so I just have to reduce what I carry by a bit. I've grown so fond of the Boy. :biggrin::heart: Good luck finding yours!
  4. I'd go for the old medium cause I'm another petite gal at 5'4 and the new medium is just too big for me. I also don't care for caviar on a boy personally but do love the look of black Lamb with Ruthenium hardware. I recently bought my first Chanel bag in Lambskin and was surprised that it was much more durable than expected :smile:
  5. The old medium does look better with its dimension but some prefer the new medium depending on how much space they need and their body proportions.
  6. Thanks everyone! I've always been drawn to the old medium but am in fear of the delicate lamb skin as most of my Chanel handbags are caviar or patent. I just happened to come across the new medium with the grained calf so was considering it since it would be more durable. But my heart sings with the old medium ...
  7. old medium for sure!

    Post on the ISO thread and/or watch the authentic finds thread for an old medium caviar boy. perhaps there's a store that might still have it.
  8. Does function or proportion matter more to you? There's not a lot of room in the old medium, but it's definitely more proportionate for me (5'3"). If you're looking for the space, then new medium might be a better choice. Good luck!
  9. ^exactly what she said! It really depends what you prioritize more. I'm 5'4" and bought the new medium because I love not having to switch to a smaller wallet. I do think the old medium proportions look better, but would also really limit the amount of usage. Good luck with your pick!! :smile:
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  10. Old medium looks better, but new medium is more convenient (if you carry a lot of stuff)
  11. I am 5'2 and only have old mediums in lamb. New mediums look like school bags on me, I think it's the square shape! But they don't hold as much, so it depends how much you carry. The lamb is holding up well, but I have to be careful of my (shortish) nails as I noticed scratches underneath the flap, but that said I travel a lot..
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    Thank you all for your great advice!! I think I've decided to go with the original medium size as this will be my weekend bag! Which should I choose?

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    The second one, it's simply stunning!!
  14. 2nd one. Very unique
  15. My vote also goes to the second bag :smile: