what size baby bag should i get

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  1. this bag i want is a purse tote by burberry zip top size 14wX 9hX 5d the reason im not going to buy the baby bag is no zipper its open with just a snap and this is my last child so i want a bag that can be a purse when im done . what do you think of the size ?
  2. I think you'll be fine with that- I actually stopped using my Fleurville Slingtote for my 6 month old almost immediately, and switched to something that was clutch-sized with handles. Much less to tote around, but I found I could pack everything into it I needed, and it isn't nearly as big as the Burberry you're describing. I think it's a fantastic idea to get something you'll want to carry as a purse later.
  3. thanks i guess i could always buy a cheap 20 bcuk baby bag at walmart if i needed to also
  4. Does your hospital give out free baby bag during discharge? I had a baby bag on order that was back ordered until after baby was born. I started using the baby bag given to me from the hospital and am actually loving it. It's perfect size and even has a milk storage compartment with an ice pack.