what size are you?

  1. Hey girls, I'd like your input. When ordering European shoes, I've always added "30" to my US size, which is a 6.5-sometimes 7. However, when ordering the Chanel cambon ballet flats yesterday, I was told by the SA that you should always add "31" to your US size. This also conflicts with what the Neiman's size charts state as well.

    I've heard the cambons run small. So my question is, do you add 30 or 31 to your US size?

    The cambon ballet flats are not available in half sizes, so I need to go with either a 37 or 38 and I just want to make sure I order right.
  2. Go with a 37 if you are a 6 1/2.:yes:
  3. LOL my first instinctive reaction was *GASP* what are you asking??

    Silly me :shame:

    I've never heard of the "30 plus" rule. Makes sense now that you mention it...not sure about the Cambon flats, but I'm a true 8.5 and wear 38.5 to 39 in Chanel.
  4. I wear a 9.5 to 10 US and most of the time, a 41 fits me fine.
    I tried on those cork platform peeptoe patent leather shoes and I had to go up to a 41.5!
  5. I have only tried on one pair of Chanel shoes and it was last week.
    They were cork wedges, I wear a 7.5 or 8 in US and these were a 40 and fit perfectly.
    So I'd guess adding 31 would work.
  6. I wear a 7.5 or 8 and mine are 38.5 and fit perfectly.
  7. What did you think of the cork wedges Swanky? Were they comfy??
  8. I find Chanel shoes vary depending on what country they are made it. I think the Italian made Chanel shoes run a little bigger. They had some sport shoes at one point that were made in Spain that ran really small. I wear US 8/8.5 and generally am safe with Euro 39.
  9. I LOVED them Ro!!!!
  10. i almost always just add a "30" to my shoe size. i usually wear a size 6, so i buy european size 36. depending on how narrow the shoe is, i might go up by half a size (to a 36.5).
  11. I've been wearing Chanel ballet flats for a decade (gasp!) and I always go down a half size. I usually wear a 38 but I buy the flats 37.5 because I HATE the look of a gaping flat. The 37.5 hugs my foot perfectly and because they're made of the softest, most buttery leather anywhere, they stretch to an exact mold of my foot pretty quickly. Having said that, I am not familiar with the construction of the Cambon flat and how different it may or may not be from the classic cap-toe flats.
  12. I am a 9 to 9 1/2 and went with the 40 which fit perfect. I ended up returning b/c I didn't love the cambon flat. Maybe it's b/c my feet are a big size, but they looked like orthopeadic shoes on me :sad:
  13. I'm size 7 in US. So when buyin Chanel, I ended up between 37 & 37 1/2. This difference from styles too. The heels tend to run small for me but the new cork wedge, I have to get size 37.
  14. lol omg at first when i read the thread title i thought it meant bod size, so i was gonna type "a stuffed potato size 2", which means i am bursting out of my 2s and am panting out of breath alot due to late night encounters with cookies and chips chasing me around the kitchen but then i realized its shoes...i usually have to take 1/2 bigger with Chanel.....the only exceptions are if they are open toe and heel...but there was a phase when Chanel shoes were more important to me than the purses so i actually bought a few pairs of Chanels where my heel stuck out 1/4 inch beyond the end of the heel part of the shoe.............. because they didnt have them a half a size up....when folks would inquire why heel was sticking into the air, i would just say its a new style Chanel is introducing called "Don't Be a Heel, Buy Her Chanel" (directed at DH) wanted them so badly prob would have bought a 9 and hung it on my wall or something as a keepsake (i'm a 6-1/2)