What Size are You? (The sizes in my closet are wacky: ranges 4 to 10!)

  1. I'm going through my wardrobe to prepare for Spring, and I noticed that my clothes are all different sizes (and, yes, they all fit well). It seems like most of them cluster around size 8, but at the small range, I'm a 2/4 and at the biggest range I'm a 12! In some brands I'm extra-small, in others a medium!

    Does anyone else have such a schizophrenic closet?!


    Banana Republic - size 2 or 4 / XS or S
    Laundry by Shelli Segal - size 6 / S
    Nanette Lepore - size 6 / M
    Theory - size 8 / P or S
    BCBG - size 8 / M
    Cynthia Steffe - size 8 / L
    MaxMara - size 10
    Armani - size 12

    All this sure make online shopping tough!
  2. Most of my clothes are pretty much in the same range. sizes small, size 2 petites in most brands.
  3. most of my items are in the same size as well. 2-4.
    i do have two or three pieces that are a size 6 but not many at all.
  4. I have size 0, 1, and 2 in my closet. I wear XS or S usually but I have M too.
  5. My dresses are usually a size 2-4, pants are generally a size 8 (wide hips!) Shirts typically a small or medium. I'm tall (5'10) so I can fit into a range of clothes sizes!
  6. Tops are almost always XS or 2, dresses are either 2-4, i have a few things in zero (all my JCrew stuff, for instance.. and some jackets). And the oddball thing in 6, S, or M that just hangs off me but still looks good. Pretty univerisal 2 though overall...
  7. I don't like trying on lots of clothes. I tend to be designer/brand loyal. With that said, most of my separates are 0-4, small or medium, dresses are 4-6 (my bust and hip measurements are the same). If I go larger with dresses because the bust fits then the hips just get way too big for me and drape funny. I wear a lot of Miss Sixty and some BCBG for everyday/casual. I have a lot of vintage but mostly coats and jackets, with a few dresses. I like a more junior fit, misses sizing is too big for me in the hips and thighs.

    ETA: I stopped shopping for jeans or pants at stores like Banana Republic because even their size 0 bottoms often ran slightly too big for me.
  8. Unless I want it to be baggy my clothes are usually size 0, 2 or XS.

    For bottoms I'm a 24-25 depending on the make and style.
  9. I'm kind of in between. For pants depending on style 6 is a little big, 4 can big a little snug. Same w/dresses, 6's a little loose, 4 tight. If I lose a little 4 fits better but can be short. Tops, used to be small, now medium
  10. Every thing is pretty consistent. Size 2, xs or s dresses or skirts. But most of my shirts are M, because I have big boobs.
  11. Yes! I have a range of 2 -12. I try not to pay attention to it but its so odd. Especially DVF dresses.
  12. All my clothes are sizes 0, 2 or XS. With jeans however I have everything from 23-26.

  13. I have the same problem! I also have a schizophrenic closet haha
  14. If I don't put down the valentine's candy soon I'm going to need all new pants!

    Anyway....usually a 0 on the bottom. Sometimes a 2 petite. XS on top. 25 in jeans.
  15. You can blame vanity sizing for all this. Vanity sizing is my worst enemy!

    As a slim petite (4'11"), I can't wear most designers for this very reason. Not to mention my alterations bills are getting insane!