What size are these yoyo heels?

  1. Can anyone ID the heel height of these red patent yoyos? thanks in advance.
    redyoyo.jpg red.jpg
  2. I'm guessing they are 85mm because I don't recall seeing the red yoyo in any other heel height. Except for the 110 greasepaint red yoyo but I doubt that these are it.
  3. Nicole's are from 2003-2004, in a TDF blood red color (sooo gorgeous, sucks they don't re-release that color nowadays in patent). From what I remember from seeing the high-resolution photos of her from that year (god I have so many Nicole Richie photos saved on one of my hard drives that it's almost embarrassing to admit now looking back....used to be so addicted to her), they are actually the 100mm heel. She has (at least!) two different versions of the Yoyo in red, one higher heel (100mm, blood red patent) and one lower heel (85mm, more orange-y red color). Angelina Jolie also wore that high-heel 100mm blood red Yoyo with the sculpted heel back in '04/'05. I will try to dig up some old photos and post them for comparison.
  4. Any luck finding your old pics? My Saks has the red patent yoyo in 85 in a dark winey/red. I picked up a pair. Will post pics later.

  5. Oh whow can't wait to see them I love that color!
  6. I posted in the pics of your loub thread.... wasn't sure if its a faux pas to double post, but oh well.
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