What size are these birkins?

  1. What size are these birkins?
    is111745520zp.jpg is111745531oq.jpg xllohanhat061805044yh.jpg xllohanhat061805076jg.jpg
  2. They look like size 35s to me. The Potiron looks bigger because she has the straps fully opened. :smile:
  3. OMG! That first one is gigantic! LiLo could just jump right it! Love the 2nd one- but don't know the sizes very well.
  4. Don't know the sizes but I LOVE the blue one AND the restaurant! The Ivy. Good food and delicious Gimlets!
  5. my guess is both are 35cm.
  6. 35. The orange looks bigger because the leather is softer (prob. togo) and is opened.
  7. That Biatch always has my bags!!!! She has my dream bag!!!!!! I HATE LILO!!!!!!! :mad:
    And she's smoking next to the bag!!!! ARRGGGG!!! :mad:

    Woops! got a little cought up, it's a 35cm for the BJ and a 40 for the orange, she has 2 oranges one 40 and one 35
    Bitch Smoking Next to my bag.jpg
  8. This is the 35

  9. What is the proper full name of Lindsay's orange 35 birkin?

    i would like to get one if i could get the full descriptive name.
  10. ^^ I think the orange is Potiron. Search the forum for all the other Potiron Birkins/Kellys. All lovely.
  11. Oh Lord....:Push:

    I can't even look at these pics.....poor, poor Birkins.

    Dear God....next thing we'll see is Britney Spears with one. THAT'S when I'll :throwup:
  12. i think the potiron is 40. BJ is 35. just my guess......
  13. im quite sure the orange is 40, and the blue jean is 35 :supacool: