What size are Nicole Richie's wayfarers?

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  1. Just wondering if anyone has any idea what size (small, medium, large) Nicole Richies Rayban Wayfarers are? I have tried them on a few times, before i realised they came in different sizes, and always found them to look so stupid and big on me! I want them to look like Nicole's, but i need to order online and can't afford to order all three sizes! lol!

    Any ideas, greatly received!



  2. I'm pretty sure they're the smaller size because she has a small round face.

    I don't think you should base your size on Nicole's because of her smaller face; if anything, I'd say at least get the medium or 'regular' size.
  3. The medium ones for $139
  4. i'm pretty sure they are the 54mm
  5. Thanks everyone. I have tried what i believe to be the "regular" size on and they looked really daft. I have a small face and head so i think the smallest size would look much better on me.

  6. My thoughts exactly.
  7. Thanks for everyones help. My local opticians funnily enough had two pairs in stock in the smallest size 47mm - black and tortoiseshell and they were 50% off! So i bought both! I tried the 50mm and they looked stupid - so it was the smallest i needed to get Nicole's look.
  8. How awesome - both pairs! Good for you!! I love the wayfarer style
  9. I wasn't going to and then my boyfriend went and said "huh? that's like buy one get one free?" and i went "squeeeeeeeeek!" :yahoo::nuts: If i don't keep both i'm sure one pair can go on evilbay! They were so cheap, i really couldn't resist!
  10. That's so great 2 pairs of the price of one :yahoo:what a deal! Did they have anymore in the bigger size?
  11. Yeah they did, they had 2 pairs (red and tortoiseshell?) in 50 or 52? It was Vision Express btw! (they were £90 down to £45!!) I've looked online but they aren't discounted on the website! But in store they should be!
  12. ooo thank you, i might have to go and have a look at the weekend!
  13. i thought id post here instead of startin a new thread but does anyone know what size these raybans are? Im thinking the 58 or 62? I've tried the smaller ones on but they're too small for my face


  14. I think they're 62.
  15. I Think They're The 58.