What size am I in Manolo's?

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  1. I know people are not going to be able to tell me for sure... but maybe I could get SOME help?

    I currently live in the middle of nowhere & to get to a store that actually sells MB's would be a HIKE!

    So... If I am a 36.5 in Chanel heels,
    37 in Chanel ballet flats and boots,
    6.5B in Ferragamo,
    7 1/2 in Puma sneakers,
    37 in Louboutin,

    What might I be in MB? I am looking to possibly get a pair of the infamous patent leather maryjanes... any ideas?

  2. Can you measure a pair of shoes that fit you well from heel to toe? As you probably know all designers fit differently. I have lots of pairs of MB and they vary in sizes from 39 to 40. In CL I take a size 39, in Chanel I take 39.5.
  3. I will do that as soon as I get home (later tonight)! Thanks HubbaWubba!!!!!
  4. I am always a 37 in MB. 36.5 or 37 in Chanel. 37 or 37.5 or 38 (yikes) in CL. 36.5 in prada.

    In loafers and heels I tend to go down a 1/2 size. In flat sandals I go up a 1/2 size.

    Good luck.

    I just bought a pair of Rene Caovilla shoes in a 37 and am going to have them send me a 37.5 so I can compare. I live 90-120 minutes from shopping civilization so I completely understand!
  5. 37 for MB and Chanel flats.
  6. size up a half to a full size.
  7. Thanks Everyone!!!!
    Sorry I did not post a measurement last night HubbaWubba! I had NO internet! Oh! The horror!:wtf: :crybaby: :push:

    I think from everybodys input I'm probably a 37! I might just bite the bullet & get them! We'll see!
  8. Isn't it hard living so far from GOOD shopping?!?!

    And I grew up in BOSTON! Hello! I miss it!
  9. You are exactly my size. In my Mary Janes I bought a 36.5 and they fit PERFECT!
  10. I'm guessing 6.5. I have at least 10 pairs of MB, and a couple CL's, and my CL's are all a half size bigger than my MB's. Ferragamos (have a few of those, too) tend to run about the same as MB
  11. ITA. I just tried on the MBMJ and I had to go up a full size:yes:
  12. Manolos run 1/2 size smaller than usual.