What sites does Canadians use to shop online?

  1. I have found a lot of good sites with purses and great prices and not so great too but my main concern is to find a site with authentic purses that ships to Canada..Cuz most of the sites I find or read about here only ships to the U.S..

    Where do you Canadians buy ur purses online from?
  2. I buy from Bluefly, Net-a-Porter or off eBay. I've had to pay a lot in duties, but I usually buy on sale, so it makes up for it. My last few purchases on Bluefly were not documented properly and listed the value as $100, so I saved those times. Some eBay sellers will ship it as a gift to avoid paying the duties/taxes.
    neimanmarcus(but you have to call the 1-800 # to place the order),
    Neiman Marcus Last call stores by phone,
  4. Zappos.ca, coach.com...or i just make the drive to new york. cheaper that way!
  5. ssense.com is located in canada!