what sites are there......

  1. that sells authentic gucci accessories?
  2. Do a search of the gucci forum. There should be a lot of stuff coming up. :smile:
  3. yeah I would love to know too. It's just so many post.
  4. Bluefly.com has a few things
  5. Check [URL="http://**NO ADVERTISING FAKE SITES ON THE PF PLEASE**for me, and the Gucci was from their stock) and one wallet from them. All authentic, and great customer service (good prices, too =)

    Full disclosure: during these transactions they have become friends of mine =)
  6. ***WARNING***

    I have visited the ********* site and have looked at their Gucci bags. I also have checked out their eBay listings. But I'd NOT suggest buying from them since their Gucci bags look off to me.

    I just want to warn my fellow Gucci lovers to be careful when buying from online stores or eBay, get it authenticate before purchasing if possible.​

    ***NO FAKES at the Purse Forum***

  7. I agree if you are going to buy from somewhere besides Gucci, Saks or NM I would get it authenticated before purchasing if possible there are way to many fakes out there.
  8. can we have a thread that mentions what websites not to purchase from? is that too mean, or is that against the rules? just a thought.
  9. ^I think there used to be something like that but it was removed. It would be easy for a fake bag seller or competitor to put a good seller's name on the list. The best way is to just post listings you are interested in under Authenticate this.