What should you be doing right now?

  1. Am I the only one who should be working right now?

    I can't seem to pull myself away from here. Oh well, this is way more fun;)
  2. Yeah, dreaming of all the possible hermes purchases has me here too! lol

  3. Right with ya sistah:roflmfao:
  4. Eh....I am in the same boat....:yes:
  5. Well, its good to know I'm not the only one.:drinkup: I'm going to have to mix work in here somewhere if I want to support my H addiction.
  6. Maybe 45 mins on the board and 15 mins or work every hour. I'll set the timer.
  7. Bored to death at work. Not motivated whatsoever. Dinking around on the purse forum is much more fun!

  8. :tup::roflmfao: Sounds about right!
  9. What should I be doing right now? Billing my time in six-minute increments! :p And I am!!
  10. Oh no! How much do we owe you?!:wtf:
  11. I'm bored. At work with nothing to do. I'm tempted to leave early... But I'm freelance so I find it pretty unbelievable that they pay me hourly to sit here and do nothing. I'll just stay and chat with you guys :yes:
  12. dd is sleeping in my lap/arm and latched on...while browsing TPF :p it makes the day fast and less stressing. i covet and :drool::drool::drool: but lts tested my patience to the max.
  13. Luckily nothing- schools out until the 20th, which is coming up much too fast :wtf:
  14. I should be working too, but tPF is so much more entertaining :lol:
  15. What should I be doing right now? Housework :lol:

    .......does being in here count? I am in the house........