what should should be my next purchase?

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  1. ok see here is a list of my complete colection i have to get a scanner to show you guys pics. but now im stuck what do you guys think would be a good purchase maybe you have a bag of your own that you can suggest to me if you have pics do post!:yes: i just sold my monogram noe

    heres my collection:
    monogram speedy 30
    manhattan gm
    monogram papillon 30
    brown cherry blossom papillon
    monogram pochette accesories
    white multicolor speedy 30
    cerises speedy 25
    mini monogram light blue josephine
    monogram sonitaine
  2. maybe something in damier?
  3. Stay away from speedy's, you have enough lol.

    How about a shoulder bag? like a BH?
  4. Damier Azur Saleya?
  5. shoulder bag sounds nice
  6. Maybe piece of luggage?
  7. Maybe a damier azur?
  8. i have luggage alot of it but i for some reason i dont count it as a part of my handbag collection
  9. epi or vernis in a bright color. You need some color ;)
  10. something from the damier azur line? i like the azur saleya as syntagma had mentioned :yes:
  11. Epi And Azur :yes:
  12. Azur!
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