What should Saint Louis tote come with?

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  1. If I purchase a Saint Louis tote direct from a Goyard boutique does it come with a box or just a dustbag? What does it come with if purchased from a department store in the US? Thanks so much.
  2. I ordered my Goyard bag through Barney’s New York and it came with just the dust bag.
  3. When I purchased the St. Louis tote at the boutique, it only came with a dust bag and the goyard paper bag (green with yellow ribbon), no box. Hope that helps!
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  4. Goyard does not provide a box with the St. Louis regardless of where purchased.
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  5. Purchased from the SF boutique and it came with the green/yellow/goldenrod sales bag , tissue wrap, & matching dust bag thats it .
  6. Am I wrong to assume that OP can probably request a box if she makes her purchase at a boutique?
  7. I asked before
    No box for st Louis strictly
  8. I just bought my St. Louis GM from the rue st honore store in Paris and it came with the yellow tissue paper and sticker, yellow Dustbag in a green shopping bag
  9. I just bought the St. Louis PM at the Bal Harbour store in Miami and this is exactly how I received it as well.
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