What should my next handbag be?? I want advice!!

  1. Three years ago when I had my first son, I bought a Gucci Bag for myself. It is a classic GG monogram brown bag that is about 15x11 and goes with everything!!! I am ready for a new one now but don't know what to get. I like neutral timeless bags that go with everything and never go out of style. I also like big bags since I have two little ones, I carry around a lot of junk!! I really want to spend no more than $700-$800. Any suggestions????? I like the Kooba bags alot but I can't decide on which style. I am open to any brand bag.
  2. I have a Kooba Claudia that goes for 595. I love the style and the leather is so soft and smells wonderful.
  3. Can you stretch the price a little for a Louis Vuitton Cabas Mezzo?
  4. How much more. What does it look like?
  5. I really love the LV Batignolles Horizontal its about $815. Really great bag. And lots of PFrs including myself have one and love it!!
  6. BH is the best. It's my fav LV bag. I would give up all my LV bags just for my BH.
  7. I'm eyeing a BH for its timeless look too! If that is key for your next purchase that's a great choice!

    I love my Kooba Sienna but I don't think it's as classic a look - it's more casual and I can't wear it with everything.
  8. If you get a neutral Kooba color, you should have a problem matching it everyday. If you really like Kooba, I say get it, don't let us sway you to the dark side. Get what you love.
  9. You can't go wrong with LV mono for neutral and timeless. I say go for the BH!
  10. Hello,

    This is an easy choice: You can get a great second-hand Chanel for anywhere between $500-800! If you're looking for a bag that never dies, a Chanel is what you should have. In a higher range, I'd look for a used Kelly from Hermès.

  11. The other suggestions are really great...

    BUT, to bring you back to Kooba...I really love the Ada bag and the brand new for fall Paige.

    Both seem really roomy.

    Paige at $645


    Ada at $645


    Both come in various colors.
  12. I like Koobas too! I've been eyeing the Sienna for a while. I like the two SuLi posted as well!
  13. I recommend LV BH or LV Damier Saleya MM. :smile:
  14. i agree with keb, go for a USED chanel... it's timeless & classic.
    there's some big vintage chanel at ebay. just do your research to find an authentic one.