what should my next color be?

  1. Here's my b-bag collection: a black twiggy, a truffle day, and a lovely ice blue box.
    What should my next b-bag be?
    Greige? Ink? Blueberry? Something bright and totally different??
    I would LOVE some input from you experts!
    I have a pretty neutral wardrobe. I wear lots of black.
    Any advice?? My head is swimming with all these lovely colors! :heart:
  2. I would definitely get something bright. I wear mostly black & I only have a blueberry. It doesn't stand out too much..but if you get a bright, light color bbag......you will get tons of attention. What about a red bag?
  3. I have my eye on a bright orange/red day on eBay right now. If it doesn't go up too high price-wise, I might go for that as a fun accent bag. Do you think orangey red would look good with black, or would it look too halloweeny?:heart:
  4. That rouille day is beautiful!!! Not too "halloweeny" hee hee!! I would bid on it but I just bought a Bourdeaux Day bag (It should be here tomorrow!!:yahoo: ) and 1 bag in the red family is enough for me. But i think my next bbag purchase will be a First or a City!!
  5. I love rouille........it's beautiful!!! I don't think it looks halloweeny at all. I think it will go very well with black outfit. Your bag will definitely stand out.
  6. I love the blueberry, but I'm not sure it's the best choice for a mostly black wardrobe. My first thought was to go for a red since it would pop against the dark colors of your outfit. I would think that looking for a less orangey red might be better, but that's my opinion. Happy hunting!
  7. I agree with chuggie too. Every girl should have a red bag. I really want a Rouge vif for a while, but now, I want a pewter instead. ;)
  8. A brighter one, but not too bright like the Vert d'eau or Turquoise...such lovely colours!!
  9. Anthracite.
  10. get a red! RV is TDF!!! Vermillion is also hot!

    There is a rouille first at annsfabulousfinds.com...if you prefer rouille!
  11. rouille would be great :p
  12. A rouge.vif or a rouille goes great with black
  13. A rouille is a beautiful color to add to your collection :smile:
  14. Thanks ladies! It sounds like red or rouille is the way to go! And then I'm going to have to get me a metallic. And greige. And blueberry! ::::sigh::::::love:
  15. What will you be using the bag for? Do you wear black for work ? I have 90% black in my work wadrobe and carry INK, SAPIN and Rouille for work. Weekend wadrobe is mostly denim blues and khaki so I can alternate the above together with my Blue-India part time. Am looking out for Anthracite, Vermillion ..