What should my next CL purchase be?

  1. i know, i just bought my first pair about 2 weeks ago....but! getting some ideas as to what to buy next...the two styles i really love are the slingback ones...don't know the name..i think very prive? in patent...or the rolando's in black patent. i dont really know much about the names of the shoes because there are a limit as to what i can find out online and i only see the on celebrities so I'll post pics if i see any to help me decide! =)
  2. okay so i really cant find any pics....but i know what the shoes are called..

    1) very prive patent slingbacks (in black)

    2) rolondo patent pumps...(in black)

    also, will it be very hard for me to find the very prive slingbacks before i begin my search? is it an old style/still selling at stores?

  3. Armanigirl, the slingback version of the covered platform, peeptoe CL you are talking about is the Numero Prive. The Very Prive is the same shoe, except it has a closed heel.
    I have not seen the black patent version of the no. prive this year. The versions I have seen are the black satin, glitter, and tiger print.

    I just saw the Rolando in black patent at Saks Fifth Avenue in San Francisco. Since you got your Decollettes at a Saks, I suggest going back there and having them order it for you.
  4. Ohh okay so that's what it's called....Numero Prive..I want that =) Most of my shoes are pumps...I don't have one like the Numero Prive yet =) I know I will get frustrated trying to find it...
  5. I don't know what size you are, but there is an auction for the black kid leather no. prive up currently.


    Also, I have a few pairs of no. prives...the tortoise patent, the tiger blue karey, and the nude patent. Viviana (look in the post your Louboutins thread and also the what your most recent purchase thread), but she just got the red karey no. prive. They are exactly the same as the tiger blue karey, but red! They are gorgeous too and on the "shoes I want" list, but just a little further down because I have some others ahead of them right now. :smile: You can also see pics of the red karey on the Louboutin website.

    I attached some photos.
    CL Nude Patent No. Prive.jpg CL Tiger Blue Karey1.jpg CL TIger Blue Karey2.jpg CL Tiger Blue Karey3.jpg No Prive Tortoise Patent.jpg
  6. ^^^Borrowed the tiger blue karey pics from an eBay seller. Although if she lists again, that would be great for you if they are your size b/c she was selling them a tad lower than the retail of $785, which I won't lie I was a bit jealous of. LOL
  7. [​IMG]

    Sorry was trying to post this in the other one as well, but it would not let me!
  8. Thank you for the link, too bad I'm a size 5.5 =( I hope saks still carries them! These shoes are gorgeous!
  9. I'm sad.........I can't find these shoes anywhere in my size......35.5 =( the black patent w/ black heel.....i dont know the different color tips with this shoe....but i cant find it on ebay, saks, neiman.........even the actual stores in LA that carry CL don't have them.... what to do what to do! =(
  10. Armanigirl, I would wait. I, myself would like a pair of black leather no. prives, but haven't seen them since '06. However, keep trying. I would call the stores in LA like Saks, NM, etc. and have them do a search and locate a shoe in another city and have it shipped to you.
  11. wow 2006? =( well yeah I guess I can wait...let me know if you ever end your search.! Hopefully it will come up somewhere!