What should my next bag be????

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  1. I am in Vegas with my hubby and he says I can get a new bag! I have a monogram delightful mm, damier neverfull mm, damier zippy wallet, damier pochette accesories and the mini pochette, and damier speedy 30 bandoliere. I know my spelling is off. I don't own any Azur yet. Whats your next favorite brand? Should I get something else entirely? I like classic bags that won't go out of style. I like the Goyard totes, but I don't think they sell Goyard anywhere in Vegas. Please help! Thank you!!!

  2. Awesome!! Do you like tote bags? Depends on your price point....What about a Neverfull with a pretty pop of color interior?
  3. Yes I was considering the neverfull or delightful MM in azur with the pink inside... Hmmmm
  4. get something in azur, noe, neverfull gm, or delightful mm

  5. +1!
  6. Yes get something in azur !
  7. I'd suggest something in Epi leather. Alma BB is a fabulous small bag. Noe (or Petite Noe )is another gorgeous classic. I think it also depends on what you " need" to round out your collection. Have fun choosing!
  8. Thank you all for the replies... what to do, what to do! If it was between the azur neverful mm and the azur delightful mm, what would you choose? I have them both already in damier and monogram. I like the small crossbodys in azur such as eva and favorite, but worried about color transfer from my jeans on those.
  9. I know this is entirely different but I went to Chanel yesterday and there this perforated tote on chains . It was so beautiful , price were a Little high though $3000 ..maybe I need to cancel my vacation to get this
  10. How nice. I am leaving Vegas right now. I think an Azur or emp piece will be a nice add to your collection. I probably won't be the same style bag. An Eva is very pretty in the Azur. Get a shorter chain so it won't fall too low to your jeans.
  11. My vote is for the Petite Noe… fantastic classic! Great everyday piece!