What should my next bag be?!


What should my next bag be?!

  1. Black Leather Carly

  2. Heritage Stripe Tote in White

  3. Something Ergo

  4. None of these - wait for the new stuff to come out!

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  1. Ok, I need your help Coachies!

    I am planning on getting a new bag soon with some of my tax refund and I have NO idea what I should get. I can't spend a TON, so part of my decision will be based on if I can get the March PCE or not. Here is what I am considering:

    -Carly - probably leather and in black (I like the look of the sig. fabric on this bag, but I have been reading too many posts about it fraying and such, so I think I want to stick with leather! And for the size, I don't know. I need to go try them on for real.

    -Heritage stripe tote - Since my SO got me the pink stripe wristlet for V-day, I have really fallen for this line. So I am thinking of getting the tote in white (I LOVE the pink, but think the white will be more versatile!).

    - Something Ergo - I really like the Ergo line, so I am thinking about an ergo leather hobo (don't know which size or color though). I really like the belted ergos, so I may just watch for one on eBay or wait for the pleated ergos to come out!

    - None of these and wait for new items to come out.

    These are obviously all very different style bags, and I have a use for all of them. A part of me wants to get a leather piece since all of my Coach bags so far are signature fabric, but I just LOVE the heritage tote. Wahh, such a tough decision! I appreciate your suggestions though!
  2. I voted for ergo. i just got one and i love it... second choice, wait for the new stuff... but all your choices are great! :o)
  3. I vote for the Heritage Stripe! :yes:
  4. I vote for the Black Leather Carly. it can be dressed up or down which is what I love about Coach leather bags.
  5. I voted to wait for the new bags.
  6. Ergo! My Tobacco leather belted medium Ergo came from JAX today and I love it! I have the belted in siggy also, they are great bags. So comfy!!! :heart:
  7. I voted to wait for the new things to come out. I was thinking of buying something for myself after I drop my hubby off at the airport on Sunday. But I might just wait until the new stuff come out. When does the new stuff come out by the way?
  8. ^ Good question, I don't know, lol! Does anyone else know? This also might influence my decision as I am growing more and more impatient waiting to get a new bag!
  9. I love the Heritage line, so that's what I voted for. I think that a Heritage Tote in white is perfect for spring and summer.

    That being said, I'm also really excited for the new goods to come out!
  10. I voted for the black leather Carly. It's great for all occasions and it feels so soft.