What should my next 2 pair of CL's be...

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  1. OKay so I am getting 2 new pair of Loubies in 2 weeks... Since my ban is until May 1st LOL...

    Here is what I already have
    Decolletissmo in black
    simple in black
    Brown Veee(pointy toe pump)
    Multi color glitter with gold NP
    Nude Patent NP(pre ordered)
    Wine rolando( may not be keeping)
    Python Privitata in bronze

    I think I am forgetting something but here is my wishlist:

    Silver NP
    Red Patent Jolie
    Black NP with burgundy tip
    Nude VP with Burgundy tip(on call list for any tip )
    Python NP(would love roccia with burgundy tip)
    Satin black NP

    Which would you buy... I am thinking I can't find the pythons right now anyway... Now if I sell the Rolandos I can get 3 pair LOL

  2. My choices for you would be the silver NP and red patent Jolie. Watch you turn around and do another 180 like you did with the privatitas!
  3. ^^me too
  4. my fav's on your wishlist are the red patent Jolie's and the nude VP's w/ burgundy tip.......... TDF!!!

  5. LMAO... I did do a complete 180 hahahaha I have to find out where the silvers are now since horatio is out ...
  6. Since you're thinking about selling your wine rolandos, I would say replace them with another member of the red family- the jolies! And if you can find the nude VP, I say go for those also; if not the silver NP.
  7. Noe without a DOUBT you MUST get the silver NPs! Do it for the both of us! And also the Nude VP/ Python VP if you can find either of them anywhere. like i mentioned in your other thread, I'd pass on the jolies, for reasons stated before. And if that wasn't you- GET THEM TOO:P:graucho::graucho:
  8. I think you need a red..hint,hint,the jolie. Nude and the silvers!! You must get the silver! You said you could get three if you sell the rolando.
  9. I with Lav...silver NP and red jolis!
  10. The red Jolies & the silver NP's Coth are cute & versatile.
  11. Black NP with burgundy tip!
  12. Red Jolie & black NP :heart:
  13. Red jolie & silver NP :yes:
  14. I'm going to assume you sold the red rolandos...

    Red Patent Jolie
    Black NP with burgundy tip
    Nude VP with Burgundy tip(on call list for any tip )

    The red patent jolie is your fun shoe and will replace the red rolando b/c of the poor fit.
    And, the black and nude VP are versatile shoes! I wear my nude patent shoes so much now that it's finally warmer and a great black pair is always a necessity. :smile:

    If you can't find one of the above 3, and CL Horatio still has the silver NP in your size, then go for those. I think the silver NP is pretty much gone from CL Horatio though. Between NGG and the sale of them to actual customers, sizes were limited. Otherwise, the silver leather VP from Saks is an option if you are set on a silver leather shoe.
  15. Red Jolis because they are my fav & I love them...& ...hmmmm....Very Noeud because i think they are purrddyy. They have officially added themselves to my long list.