What should my new purse include?

  1. Happy Holidays! I am getting my first Chanel for X-mas and I was wondering what should be included? Should it come in a Chanel box even if it was purchased at Nordstroms. I have been reading the threads and I have seen a reference to this but I was not sure.
  2. Im in the UK so have not shopped at Nordstroms, but each one of my bags (including ones I have had shipped from the States) has come with the box, a dustbag, the authenticity card (which matches the hologram inside the bag), and a black chanel care envelope. If you are purchasing a flap, you should have the little lint protector inside too
  3. Thanks Chloe-baby. I purchased mine from pictures e-mailed to me so I really am out of the loop. Thanks for the info about the hologram. I did not know about that. I Love this forum!!!!!!
  4. *Sometimes* when you do a charge send from a department store they may not send you a Chanel box. I've even heard of people not getting the dust bag. If you don't get either, you should really call them and tell them to send you whatever's missing. :yes:
  5. What is the lint protector? I am not sure I've ever seen this. What does it look like?
    Thanks so much.
  6. ^I think she's talking about that piece of black felt they put in? Not sure.
  7. Usually, there's a piece of folded felt in the 'lipstick' compartment and also a piece of felt between the inner and outer flaps. Just an added layer to protect your fine Chanel bag's leather!
  8. I have 2 flaps and have never recived the peice of felt! Im lucky I have the cards though.