What should my first tiffany piece be?

  1. well, i've finally decided that i will get a piece from tiffany. No more shoes and no more bags ( for the time being), i need to create a jewelry collection to be proud of. what should i start with?
  2. You can start with the heart toggle bracelet or necklace. Theyre both classic pieces!:tup:
  3. ok thanks
  4. how much do those cost now? those are not very expensive if i remember right.
  5. I bought my bracelet at around $150-200 3 years ago. The neclace would be around $400-450. I live in Asia so i cant make an exact quote of the prices since we have a different currency here. Hope that helps.;)
  6. ITA!!
  7. I agree the heart toggle or any of the return to tiffanys pieces.
  8. Do you wear Jewelry currently? What do you like metal wise? If you're really thinking of building up a collection, I'd recommend saving up a "war chest" and really think about your needs..

    ..oh, who am I kidding! Hit the T & Co website and start drooling!
  9. My first necklace was the elsa peretti small open heart necklace. It is very classic looking piece although everyone seems to have it. The toggle necklace runs about $300. You should check out the variety of styles available on the website. I have found recently I like my jewelry to be a little more unique.
  10. Are you looking for silver or gold?
    The return to tiffany bracelet is very pretty and actually quite versatile. I think it is 175 in silver, 1550 in gold.
    The Elsa Peretti bean necklace is really nice too. I have the mini bean in gold and I think it was 425 when I purchased it in March.
    Check out the website and you will find so much!
  11. I agree the heart toggle necklace or bracelet.

  12. I second the Elsa Peretti Open Heart Necklace. They come in varying metals, sizes and chains, cords, etc. so you have a variety to choose from.
  13. I have several pieces in their Atlas collection. I also have lots of Return to Tiffany and heart toggle pieces, too, but the Atlas line is a little more understated; not so "THIS CAME FROM TIFFANY'S". I've only bought silver so far, but I love everything I've gotten. Elsa Peretti has gorgeous pieces. I have her elongated teardrop earrings and they're always complimented on. I think you should start with either a necklace or bracelet, but looking at the website can be deceiving in regards to the size of the pieces. I found IRL a lot of the earrings are actually smaller than they appear online. I don't know why they don't state dimensions on the website. Whatever you choose, I'm sure you'll love it. Have fun!!!
  14. Depending on your price range there are so many options to choose from if you are open to silver jewelry. My first Tiffany peace was the silver heart link bracelet with a gold heart at its center. I love it and still wear it. If you have the money go with a gold piece b/c gold prices have been going up as well as Tiffany prices. But like others have said, take a look at the website to get an idea of what you might like and check those pieces out at the store. Anything you get there you will love. The quality of the jewelry is consistently above average and all the designs are timeless.

    Have fun shopping!
  15. ehy all, sorry about not responding till now, i really want silver, i dunno why but i like the new beaded tiffany items i've seen the necklace, bracelet and earrings. i think i'll also get the round toggle bracelet and another necklace too. thanks for your help.