What should my first peice of fr: hermes be?

  1. Hello Hermes Collector's:

    I'm new to hermes and after visiting here every once in awhile I am saving for my first piece, I can't say I have one line of bags that I purchase I own a lil bit of everything I have LV, Chanel, Fendi and Gucci. Now I am ready to purchase my first Hermes and I would like to purchase something and I want you all to help me purchase my first piece.

    My question is what should I get first ???? something pink preferred.
  2. What style bags do you like?
  3. Do you plan to use it for work? Fun? Price range you are looking at?
  4. I plan on using it for work and fun (If I could do both), atleast $7,000, as of styles I like the birkins
  5. If you like pink, how about a 28cm Fuchsia goatskin (chevre) Kelly or a Birkin 30cm in the same?
  6. ^ITA :drool:
  7. Can you ladies post pics