What should my first MbMJ bag be?

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  1. #1 Sep 16, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 16, 2010
    Hello fellow Marc Jacobs lovers! I just joined this site and this is my first thread.
    I'm gonna need help from all you Marc Jacobs experts! :smile: I've always loved Marc Jacobs but never bought any bags because I couldn't afford. Now for my 19th birthday I'm gonna ask for a Marc by Marc Jacobs bag. I need your suggestions on what should be my first MbMJ bag. There are two that I really fell in love with.


    I want something medium size that I can use daily. And something that doesn't cost more than $600.

    Can you help me? Can't wait to see your suggestions!!
    Thanks so much!
  2. i like the baby Aiden more. what about a Hillier?
  3. i also prefer the baby aiden more :smile: any particular style that you prefer? like hobo, satchel, cross-body, etc?
  4. Is Baby Aidan from this year's collection?
    I like Hillier but it's a little big for what I want. But maybe I'll go with that, I can't decide! What I want is a great everyday bag. I don't have a specific style, I just don't want something huge. Can you give me some ideas that would be a great first MbMJ bag?
  5. Hi and welcome!

    I think both options are really nice! Are you able to see either one in person first? I often find that if I am torn between a few items, seeing them in person helps. I think that you can't go wrong with both choices, so it might depend on how much you want to hold in the bag.

    Good luck!
  6. Hey SuLi! I don't actually have the chance to see them in person. I want something medium size so I can fit my wallet, ipod, make-up bag, mobile phone, a book. I don't want something huge. Do you have any suggestions other than the 2 I like?
  7. Welcome to MJ! :smile:

    I would suggest either the regular sized Hillier (it really is not huge, just a perfect size for everyday!) or the Baby Aidan. They come in great colors! I would recommend the Hillier, it's a classic and very versatile. You can find it at net-a-porter, Luisaviaroma or mytheresa.

    Where are you at? You may want to go to a store and try them on, there's nothing like the real life experience!

    Other cool styles are the Ukita or the Groovey.
  8. I have a flash leola, it is a great size.
    I can carry books, water and a ton of stuff and have room for more!
  9. Jennytalula, thank you for your help! I don't really like Classic Q Hillier but I do like this one, http://www.net-a-porter.com/product/95296 - I like this style and love the color! I live in Europe and where I live we only have one store which is 2 hours away. My dad will go on a trip, so he'll try to buy me a MbMJ from a MJ store in Singapore. I really like Baby Aidan. Do you know if you can wear it on your shoulder with the short strap? And is the Hillier I showed you and Baby Aidan from this year's collection? I mean will my dad be able to find them in the MJ store?
    One more question. Have you ever ordered from mytheresa.com? I'm asking if they are reliable and ship in a good package, because I may end up ordering from them.

    Thanks again! :smile:
  10. Hi again -- since you don't like the Hiller, I think the Baby Aidan is a great choice! What about the Baby Groovee? That might also be great for what you need to carry on a daily basis.
  11. Baby Aidan is a great choice!!
  12. Both styles you like are from the current Season. However, Not every shop carries all styles. You could print out both and your dad can show them to the sales assisant in the shop. If He cannot get the bag you want, Be assured mytheresa is 100% legit and packs their goods nicely. I ordered from them before and i love their packaging!
  13. I'm not sure about this, but the MJ price might be higher in Singapore.
  14. Jennytalula, great help, thanks! I think I may be starting to like the Classic Hillier Hobo, especially this one, I looooooove the color! http://www.shopbop.com/classic-hillier-hobo-marc-by/vp/v=1/845524441874041.htm
    I'm thinking getting either this one or Baby Aiden! Good choices for my first MbMJ? :smile:

    Weffendy, I thought of that, but because I'll order from Europe, I'll pay a lot for shipping. So it kinda sucks either way. :biggrin:
  15. Very nice choices! Love the bordeaux as well.
    If you are ordering from Europe, order from either mytheresa.com, Luisaviaroma.com or farfetch.com, just to name a few legitimate sites. You won't have to pay customs if you're located in the EU!