what should my first CL's be?

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  1. Should I go for a classic CL shoe? OR for a more fun and exciting CL? I really can't deside, I Love accessorizes that POP! But I also love classics, so I can't decide which I am saving for! Help what do you think? Something that screams ME!!!! Or something that is classic?
  2. One that is on sale!:lol: But seriously, I have been asking myself this same question and here is the conclsion I have come to...

    A classic is great to have. There is a good chance you will get a lot of wear out of it and it will be a staple in your wardrobe. The other good thing about classics is that they are a little bit easier to find.

    The different funky shoes are not carried by every retailer, some aren't even carried by every boutique. So if you find a wild pair of CLs in your size that you can't live without then buy them! Because chances are it will be easier to locate a pair of classics later on.

    Good luck!
  3. I would perhaps start with a pair of classic, but then my first pair wasn't a classic, so... There are so many styles in CLs to choose from, you can't really just settle for one pair. Have you checked out the reference thread to see which one makes your heart skip a beat?


    With all the sales that are going on, perhaps you could also get something that pops.
  4. If you want a classic, I would go with the Simple.
  5. I am asking myself that as well. I'm pretty sure I want very prive for my first pair, they are classic AND me.. :smile:
  6. I recently purchased my first pair(s) of CL's. I went for a classic and a fun pair. I got the New Simple pump in black patent (with a cork platform) and a pair of Burgundy Glittart Ron Ron's (for my fun pair). Both were purchased on sale.
  7. without a doubt the

    SIMPLE PUMP in black either plain leather or python
  8. Because CL was my first ever high end shoe purchase, I went with what I felt would be most classic and that I would get the most wear out of and would not be too trendy (since it's an expensive purchase and I will most likely have them for years)
    Simple 100 in Tobacco Brown (LOVE THEM, also most of my handbags are brown)
    Black Patent NP's 90

    Then I bought a GORGEOUS pair of Twistochat in Black Kid, because I couldn't help it (and got from lovely tPFer at a great price! :smile:)
  9. I think this is key. If your CL purchase is your first ever high end purchase, I think you should get something that is classic for you- you don't have to get the simplest pair, just get something that you know you'll love for years to come.

    If you have other special shoes, then there's no reason to privilege your CL purchase over all the rest, so just get the pair that is fun. What I mean is, I don't think you should get something you wouldn't normally wear or buy just because it is CL. I guess it just depends on whether CL is your personal holy grail of amazing shoes, or if you're just adding to a collection. Do you get what I'm trying to say? (I know I'm not being super articulate, sorry!)
  10. Another vote for Simples!
  11. my first pair was a sale pair pair of patent powder blue ernestas.... a deal i couldn't refuse.

    my first official full price pair was camel patent decolletes. i'd say go for the classic you'll get a lot of use out of them. but as others have mentioned you may be able to get a funky fun "you" pair on sale.
  12. Are you near a place that sells CLs? If so I would go play and see what works.
  13. I would usually say go for something that makes your heartflutter & you can't live without, BUT since this is your breakin purchase to CLs I definitely think you should go with something classic (aka classic shape, material), however not as classic/a little more fun than the simple (which is still ag reat shoe IMO). Maybe try a declic, VP, NP, Rolando, Decollete, etc. These come in fun colours too if you wanted to go in that direction! Ultimately, I think you should go with what is classic to you, what you'll gt the most wear out of and what will be money well spent in years to come :smile:
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    I'd say a pair of classics for a first pair. That's what I went for. But if you can't see a classic pair you like and another vibrant, fun pair catches your eye that you love, then why not?
    Just keep looking online and in stores and get the pair you love and will also love to wear.
    Good luck!