What should my first CL be?

  1. I have been interested in buying a pair of CL. Even more so after seeing all the beautiful ones you ladies own. :heart:
    What would be a good first purchase? I like more classic styling. I'm thinking maybe the Iowa 100 maryjane or the Decollete...and the very prives are so sexy. :drool: What to do, what to do?? Most likly I will be getting either style in black or a nude color. I want them to be versatile. I know ultimately it comes down to personal preference, I just wanted some opinions.

    Also, if any of you ladies are in the San Francisco area, which stores have the best CL selection?

    Thanks!!! :smile:
  2. I have the Iowa 100 in kid and while I haven't worn them yet, I love them!

  3. I think you either fall in LOVE with a shoe that makes no sense, that is not practical, that's more of a "piece" - or you think about it, and start investing with a first piece that has greater versatility.

    For my first pair, I wanted something fairly classic (ie no wild colour-du-jour), and something relatively versatile. I wanted a shoe that I could, in theory, dress up or own.

    I went with this:
    loublack2.jpg loublack.jpg
  4. ps. I am drawn to the less outrageous Louboutins... like the simple pump! That's because my lifestyle is such that 90% of the time, I'm wearing shoes in my office (a law firm). Getting a wild and crazy pair of shoes that I didn't feel comforatble wearing in the office is a bit of a waste for me. I go out and dress up - but not 5 days a week!
  5. brazilian - I definetly recommend the simple pump, they are very sexy but also comfortable. This style comes in lots of different leathers, colors, and skins so you have a nice selection to choose from.
    For a first pair, I would recommend black patent leather because that would be appropriate for work or you could dress them up for a night out.
  6. Piaffe- I dont really have much to dress up for, which is why I want to go with one of the simpler styles.

    Kamilla- I havent seen the classic pump IRL, but the pictures I have seen the toe is too round for my taste. You may correct me...is it the same as the Decollete?
  7. You're right, the Simple Pump does have a round toe. The decollete has a more pointed nose, however it's not a sharp point, it is more of a rounded point. The decollete also exposes more toe cleavage so they are much sexier. I recommend this style too but I feel that the decollete is not as comforable, but that just may be my feet.