What should my 2nd piece be???

  1. I recently bought my first LV bag, a mono speedy 30. I love it, and want to expand my collection (if you can even call it that!). I don't really want to spend more than $600, and don't want to spend that much on a wallet, so I know my options are limited. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  2. How about a Damier speedy 25 ($595) or speedy 30 ($620)?? :smile:
  3. What about a damier speedy? And if you can spend another $100, then you'll be able to afford the Battignoles now that they have decreased the price.. :smile:
  4. perhaps a small wallet and a pochette?
  5. After my 30 I got the pochette accessories and cannot rave enough about it. Then I got my PTI wallet.
  6. well how about 2 things like a cles and a ludlow or a cles and a pastilles keychain or a cles and pouchette or trousse or navona makeup makeup case.

    since you have a speedy if you want another bag i might get something like the illovo which is 660 for the mm but worth it.

    but seriously don't underestimate the wallet. they're fabulous! and worth every penny imo
  7. ^^^I was just going to say...let me just 'ignore' your post (sorry) :shame: and RAVE about the wallets!!! I just got the zippy and I love it so much! It has the nicest shape, great lay-out...and i think it looks less like a wallet and could be used on it's own on occasion! THiiiinnnkkk about it.....:wlae:
  8. thanks for the suggestions! I'd like to get another speedy, but think I'll wait til I can get my hands on a damier azur. I like the ludlow idea...still a wallet, but not quite as much as the others. I could probably be convinced to buy a bigger wallet, but to be honest I've never spend more than $100 on one before, so that would be hard to fork over the dough!! thanks again!
  9. Pochette and a flat pouch? Both can be great going out pieces :biggrin:
  10. girl i have had lesser wallets but my lv wallets are AMAZING. they will last forever and they are just so pretty and functional. plus (don't tell anyone) you don't have to use them in an lv bag and you still have a piece of lv love with you.
  11. what about a ludlow wallet + a Pochette?
  12. How about the papilon 26 at 615? You could get the Damier or Mono.
  13. thats a good idea....maybe she could even get a cles as well........
  14. pochette and cles?

    The pochette can be used on its own with the cles as a wallet for cash/coins/cards or you can use the pochette inside the speedy as a pouch/makeup bag.
  15. Well...I would suggest maybe a pochette in something non-mono to branch out....and it's got multiple uses: You can use it as a shoulder bag, handheld, clutch or use it in your bigger speedy.
    You'll have money left over for a cles or a ludlow!