What should my 1st H bag be? Birkin or Lindy? :)

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  1. I am seriously lusting for both but I know I cannot have both... for now :smile:

    I am barely 5'2" with a small frame and casually dressed on most days. I love the look of birkin but I usually prefer bags that i can sling over my shoulder :smile:

    I think I can use a Birkin on work days where I am mostly seated :smile: and a Lindy on weekends when I am running errands with my lil' toddler :smile:

    Should I get a Lindy now and save up for a Birkin??? :smile: Or just go for a Birkin? :smile:

    Help :smile:

  2. Have you tried on both bags? It's VERY important to do so as this is a very expensive purchase. The Lindy does not work for me as it sticks out way too much when on my shoulder and under my arm - only works if it is out in back, and I don't like that (not very safe in crowds or a major city, either).

    A bag you can wear messenger-bag style is more practical when one needs both hands empty with a baby/toddler/young child.

    Go to your local boutique and try on several bags until you find the one that is right for you.
  3. I would say go for the bag that you will use the most...HTH!
  4. Thanks India and Dreamdoll :smile:

    I have tried both bags and both has its pros and cons.

    Birkin: Pros - prettier (IMHO), more accesible
    Con - handheld

    Lindy: Pros - more affordable :smile: , lighter, suits my "look" better :smile:
    Cons - it seems as if i might have a hard time getting things in and out :smile: and is not a Birkin :smile:
  5. Only get a birkin if you will use it alot, and suits your style...I agree with India that it is quite a bit of money to spend (on either bag), and you should get the bag only if it "sings" to you, and that you will have no regrets (buyer's remorse never comes cheap)...imho, I go for practicality. My birkin is my workhorse and I use it almost everyday, it suits my overall purpose. HTH!

  6. birkin
  7. You might want to consider a Souple Kelly in Clemence which can be casual and easy for weekends and "dressy" appropriate for work. A Kelly also has a shoulder strap so you can carry it easily when with your toddler and it also has the "look" of a Birkin with the closure.
  8. charmedmac - It's not hard to get things in and out of a Lindy at all. I never fasten mine: the top flap stays put anyhow. It is so easy to reach in and get things whether it's over the shoulder or carried by hand. And...you can put your cell phone and keys in the outer pockets where they are always easy to find!

    Having the option of carrying the Lindy on the shoulder makes it so practical if you're out and about with a toddler.

    I vote Lindy, especially if it "suits your look better". Good luck and let us know what you decide!
  9. I have to agree with HKenreich. It's not that difficult to get things in and out of a Lindy.. sometimes i even leave one side of the zipper open~

    If you're a shoulder bag person.. I suggest go for a Lindy first.. :smile: but.. it's a tough decision i must say :nuts: I love both!
  10. thank you for all your advice ladies :smile: i must say I am learning a lot :smile:

    i will let you know what I have decided :smile:

    @lovehermes - will look into Souple Kelly as well :smile:
  11. Lindy was my first H bag. I love it, but I don't shoulder-carry. It's not at ALL difficult to get things in and out. I find the kelly impossible to get in and out of, though.

    I didn't think I was a birkin gal at all but find myself using my HAC a lot more than my lindy.

    I vote save for birkin. You'll love the lindy but still be jonesing for the birkin.
  12. You said: Lindy suits your look better but it isn't a Birkin!! I feel Birkin makes your heart sings!! May be you should save up for a Birkin.

    For me, Birkin is Birkin! There is something about it that makes me drool like silly!! But it isn't practical for a mom who needs free hands with kids, grocery shopping, ect. So Lindy is my everday bag. IMO, it's very easy to get things in&out. You don't have to zip it, using the lock will do. Plus it has 2 side pockets that you can put things like cell, cards, pens, etcs.

    Btw, have you tried Jypsiere?? My best tPFers, FashionistaO and Hanyeu, encouraged me to try it on and I love it! Jypsiere is like a Birkin with shoulder strap!! Perfect combination that fits my bill! However, it does has cons: almost a price of a Birkin, doesn't hold much!

    Good luck with your decision! I need one too!! I'm a confused-newbie H mom!

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  13. Well, I would say if you really love the Birkin, nothing else will really duplicate it....the Lindy is much more user friendly IMO, but also much easier to come by on bay or other online sites at a discount.

    Have you considered a Bolide? It has a shoulder strap, it's lightweight, incredibly user friendly, and has a sophisticated look to it that takes it easily form work to weekend, regardless of the kind of work you do!
  14. I agree with LoveHermes and KaLindy. Have you looked at other bags? I feel like you're having a hard time making this choice because neither of these bags are right for you right now.

    I have a Jypsiere and I love it because it's hands-free like a Lindy, but has the look of the Birkin. :smile: But I am after a Kelly right now because of the style and the shoulder strap, so you might want to consider one of those, too...
  15. tough decision huh??
    can u get both>??
    sorry seems like im not helping here!!
    but both are like the must-have!!