What should LV bring back....

  1. IMO the theda...LV please bring this one back...
  2. Yes, I would buy a Theda. I won't pay for what they are going for on eBay.
  3. The mizi.

    i have one but I know it was very popular
  4. I would love to get my hands on a mizi!!! :love:
  5. Balmoral pumps! I :heart: those shoes and wish I could've gotten a pair.
  6. Ooohhh, I LOVE those pumps! I'm a shoe freak, so I'd definitely spring for them if they came back.
  7. Sac Triangle. in Borneo Green epi. Hottest bag ever.
  8. I love LV to bring back:
    Vienna mizzi and Klara..
    some old colors from vernis line like Bronze and purple
  9. yes yes the Klara would be nice....ohhh and bring back the red vernis I soo love the red vernis how could they possibly improve on it????
  10. i think all discontinued Totes !
  11. The Men's F/W collection from 2004. That was amazing and the accessories were so HOT. I did get a card holder though, wish I had gotten the planner, grr! And the Graffiti line!!!
  12. Mizi and Klara. Gorgeous........
  13. MIZI, mono and vienna. I have to get my hands on one!
  14. the old Epi Lilac and Vernis Lavender colors, and the Multicolore Gracie. i'd snap those up in a flash!
  15. Malesherbes :drool:
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