What should I wear?

  1. My classmate invited me to go to a dance club tonight. Thing is, I don't go to clubs very often, so I have no idea what to wear. Any ideas? I'm 160 cm and 48 kg. I thought I'd ask you ladies since you all have such fabulous sense of style :heart:
  2. Some sort of a halter/tank/tube top, some jeans and heels are always simple yet sexy :yes:
  3. ^it sounds cool:cool:
    a particular top,plain jeans and stilettos, or a girly dress abd a clutch...
    do you have already something or have to buy something?!
    have a wonderful night!!
  4. Sounds good!
  5. I agree with the girls, plain jeans , stilettos and a fancy top.

    P.s Do not forget the purse that will malke the rest of the girls in the club jealous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean when I started dating my fiancee we would go to a club and I would get jealous looks for my handbag and he would say ' there are so many girls looking at you, they must be jealous'. Ofcourse he was not trained back then!!!!!!Now he knows...IT IS THE HANDBAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. What kind of dance club is it? What kind of crowd?

    Chances are, everyone will be wearing jeans and a cute top. Why don't you wear a miniskirt or minidress? Also wear some sparkly jewelry -- either large earrings or a necklace. Dancing with a purse can be very inconvenient. Keep that in mind.

    Have fun!