What should I wear with...

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  1. To start:

    Hi ladies,

    I am back. Hi to all new "faces" that I have not met!

    Anyway, I was searching the board for a thread to refer to for what I can wear with shoes and I didn't see one. (I know there is an outfit thread but it is not really a place to specifically ask questions about what to wear, but just to show what you wore) If there is one please post or, if not, can we use this thread as a reference guide when someone has some shoes but do not know what to wear with them?

    The tPF ladies are always so fashionable and style does not come easily to most, so people can post what shoes they want to wear (since we all dress according to our shoes, not the other way around).

    I will start...

    (No pics of my shoes on this computer, but I will post some later...)

    Turquoise Python Rolando's.
    I have had these beautiful babies since last year and have only worn them once. The only colors I can think to wear with them are Black, white or a darker teal (which is actually cute!) However, I want to wear more than just solids and spring is coming!

    Any suggestions?
  2. Thanks for the links! Purple is good! I like purple!

    FYI, I am not going anywhere specific. Just wanted to get some ideas for the shoes.
  3. jimmy, I think this is a great thread!

    For your aqua python Rolandos... I know this is a bit unexpected, but since I have wedding stuff on my mind 24/7... aqua and red as a color combo has been really popular. I think your Rolandos with a cherry red shift dress would be so chic!

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  4. I looove all sumnboutme's suggestions.. but they remain short and colorful dresses, I would go for a long smart pair of pants or even carrot pants.. like 3/4 which are perfect for mid-season..

    like that :


    Black would be a good choice or a light grey, with a silky, or organza-like, well very light in any case in purple tones, or dark blue or even indigo, a cold color, in fact =) (here in white)


    hope it helps =)

  5. Great thread jimmy. Nice to see you back here!

    Firstly i looooooove those beauties and they definitely need to be worn in the spring/summer!

    I'm not great with clothing ideas but i'd definitely wear them with white 3/4 lengths or skinnys. Or even a nice white pencil skirt for the smarter look. I think they will also look fab with a black shift dress, smart or casual.
  6. OMG!! Rilo- Now If I could find me a piercing red dress like those roses, that would be great!!!

    Vod- Yea, I would like to switch it up a bit and wear pants also. Great suggestions!

    Savvy- Hi girlie!! I do really love the shoes, but it just seems as though I keep going with the same color, so then I just say forget it and don't wear the shoes at all. I am going to make it my business to wear those shoes come Spring!
  7. i live in LA hence the barrage of short dresses...i think i might get some too for my turq suede ron rons :P
  8. Sum- Yea, I thought about the Ron Rons when I was posting. They would definitely go with all suggestions made so far.
  9. they'd look great with jeans too! boyfriend, cropped, skinnies... so jeans with either a basic colored top or a bright colored top will work too! :P

    sorry, i'm getting all excited for you... i love the python rolandos :love:
  10. I have nothing to suggest - I was just in disbelief when I saw "jimmyshoogirl" so I had to come check it out. Welcome Back!!!
  11. LOL! Buzzy - You are so cute!! Yes, it is me!! Missed you!! Thanks for welcoming me back!
  12. That is how excited I was when I got them!!But, I guess I just got lazy trying to put something together; Change of season; and everything else in between.I was playing with them this morning and figured I would start an itinerary for the upcoming season!

    I love them too!! My little sister is always praying that her feet could shrink so she can wear them. LOL

  13. Hi Jimmy!

    Navy! I specifically bought mine to wear with Navy. Navy and aqua are two of my favorite color combos. Of course you can throw in a 3rd color for accent like white, grey, yellow or pink I think a Navy shift dress with the rolandos and a scarf or cardigan would so work for spring - or navy slacks and shirt!
  14. Hey Jimmy! When you decided on the shoes/outfit will you please post a pic? TIA! Love the Turq and red combo!!