What should I wear with this dress?

  1. I never wear dresses, so I am not really sure what shoes/purse/jewelry I should wear with this.

    Would it be wrong to use my medium Chanel classic flap in plum, my (old) red Epi Vivienne Long...or should I just go with black?
  2. You can definitely use your Chanel plum and then maybe a metallic strappy heel...gold or silver depending on bag hardware...add a few chunky bangles and it could look great. Same holds true for your red LV. Also cute to add a little black blazer/jacket and black pumps. Really versatile dress.
  3. I think that either bag would be great. For the Chanel, I'd say a strappy sandle in a light grey or silver and a simple silver bracelet. For the LV, I'd say gold or red patent leather open toe shoes with some heavy wood bracelets.

    Have fun with it!
  4. Thank you!
    I am so glad I asked. I was headed down a boring route with tan accessories, and I just wasn't feeling it.
    My LV has silvertone hardware, so would a light grey or silver work with it?
  5. ^^most definately!
  6. if you arent going to wear a jacket, opt for a nice colored belt to match your bag!
  7. I think the classic chanel would look beautiful. For a truly spring look, an espadrille would also look really nice.
  8. Ita^
  9. Thanks!
  10. Cute dress. I hope you can take pics of your outfit!
  11. Espadrilles!