What should I wear with these boots?

  1. So I just ordered these Frye boots in black
    Free People Clothing Boutique > Frye Veronica Slouch Boot

    Do you think they will look cute with shorts? Like mid thigh white shorts and a black top?
    I'm just dying to get them and wear them and with the weather still being nice i can't bare to wear jeans and boots yet:sad:

    Oh a thought....
    White shorts, black top, these boots and a magenta day Bbag. :wlae:
  2. OMG, I absolutely love Free People. Everything they offer is so fun and easy to wear. Mix anything with everything is their motto. Here in Seattle, Nordstrom sells a huge line of FP and I am ALWAYS browsing.

    Back to your question: I'm not so sure about the white shorts idea with the black boots. For summer, I would think along the lines of a short (not mini) flouncy skirt or the quintessential denim mini. The other option is to think about the Free People look wthout the tights. I definitely dig the boots, however.
  3. thanking you
    They were shipped yesterdy. I'm hoping to get them this weekend! Go UPS GO!