what should i wear tonight?

  1. hi everyone. tonight i'm going on a first date with someone i really like and he's taking me to a baseball game. what should i wear? any suggestions. I want to be comfy (it's 90 degrees) but cute and sexy. hehe. TIA! :flowers:
  2. Jeans, heels (if you can walk in them comfortably) & a cute tank. Good luck!
  3. I second that!!!:yes: Don't forget your FAB handbag and accessories.
  4. Depends on your best feature - I usually like to let the legs or the top show some skin, but not both. So I'd probably go with shorts or maybe even a skirt with an informal top and a cute baseball hat. Hmmm, I'm not sporty though, so perhaps you shouldn't listen to me!

    Yay, first dates are so fun!
  5. i should wear heels? i live in nyc so it's gonna be hard going in heels to the shea stadium. hehe. i was thinking a mets tank top (he got it for me), shorts or skirt and flip flops?
  6. I'm not good with clothes, but have fun at the game! :P
  7. Cute capris or jean skirt, tank, and flip flops. I wouldn't wear heels, I'd feel goofy in them at a baseball game. Defintaley a GREAT bag and accessories. Good luck!
  8. i'd wear something comfy... jeans, wife beater, tailored vest, fab purse, and flats/wedges... I might wear a trucker hat too to make it look more casual (but that is if I have one to match my outfit). believe me girl, walking up and down the ramps (depending on where you got seats) and the narrow high stairway... I wouldn't wear heels!!! I wore wedges and that was OK.

    I wear heels though to Basketball ball games.
  9. Definitely no heels!! You are going to a baseball game! I say shorts, tank top and a nice flat sandals. :biggrin: Don't forget the sunglasses or baseball cap. And make sure you enjoy the game! :biggrin:
  10. heheh. thanks everyone. :biggrin: looking forward to it!
  11. I agree with those who say not to wear heels.

    I'd go pretty casual (jeans/skirt, tank top/t-shirt) and you can dress it up with a cute purse or some hoopy earrings.

    Have fun!! :P
  12. No heels ... guys hate that at sports games.

    Have fun tonight. :biggrin:
  13. i second this. you want to look cute but be comfortable. you want to be able to move around. you will have so much fun. can't wait to hear about it. the weather is supposed to be nice too.
  14. My suggestion would be to wear comfortable jeans and a cute top with flat shoes.

    Have a great time. :heart:
  15. No heels. But I would try to show a bit of skin with either legs showing or some skin up top... so I'd pair a pair of sexy jeans with a tank, or a tee-shirt with a skirt or shorts :smile: Have fun!!!!