What should I wear to the race track(for horses)

  1. I have an event to go to and I have no idea of what to wear.
    Any ideas?
  2. Whenever I go I wear a nice dress and flat sandals or ballerinas (heels aren't too practical when walking on grass). A hat.
  3. The track really varies-there are tons of people in shorts and tshirts and fewer dressed up. In my experience you dont see the dressed up with a big hat Kentucky Derby look on a regular day of racing. I would dress for the event itself (work party? social? time of day?) and wear something that will be comfortable indoors and out.
  4. the last time i went i wore a nice pair denim trousers and a nice blouse with gold sandals. I felt fine in them...I would go middle of the road because like cakegirl said, some people get dressed up and some people don't.

  5. It is in the early afternoon.
    I am going with potential business partners.
  6. I wouldn't go Kentucky Derby dressed up, but I wouldn't go in shorts either. A nice dress or trousers would be great.
  7. It depends on what track you are going to, and what section you are sitting in. People get much more dressed up at Churchill Downs than any other track I've ever been to (which I think is a good thing). People in the boxes will be much more dressed up than those in the grandstands. I would wear a nice sundress.
  8. wide-brimmed hat and a shift dress. can't go wrong there! =]
  9. I think I will go with a shirt dress and some sandals.
    I am going to Santa Anita race track.
  10. you should definitely have a hairpiece, hat or fascinator - the hat will keep you cool, and why not get dressed up at the opportunity.
  11. That is a tradition for that track. My DH is from there and we try to go to the Derby every year or every other year.

  12. Yeah, I've been to the tracks in CA and you'll probably stand out a bit if you get dressed up, even in the boxes. Most people I see are very casual (jeans and tees) although a few wear business casual. I think a shirtdress and sandals will be just fine.
  13. Oh, I know! And I love it! I wish people would dress like that at all tracks. DH and I go to the Derby often, so that is what I'm used to. I was amazed by how "dressed down" people are at other tracks. In fact, when we walked into Saratoga dressed up (me in nice sundress, DH in seersucker suit), the ushers actually thanked us for dressing up!
  14. Depends on what area you are going to but I'd definitely go with a preppy dress. Ralph lauren or jcrew sundresses work nicely. I used to live in Virginia last year and when we went we tried to out prep each other haha. The boys always wore light yellow or pink pants.