What should I wear to LV Party?


Which outfit should I wear?!?

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  1. Okay, Since I love all of my wonderful TPF friends opinions, Please help me with what I should wear t othe LV coctail party! (I am almost in my pre pregnancy clothes, but not totally!) So I am limited on my clothes for right now! Remember, this is in Atlantic City (casinos) so I can really go either way! Thanks again for all of your help! And now let the runway show begin.......LOL

    Option 1

    Option 2

    Option 3

    Option 4
  2. I'd go with outfit #1. It looks a bit more sophisticated to my eyes. ;)
  3. Options 3 and 4 are not displaying. Out of 1 and 2, go with 1.
  4. Yeh,I agree
  5. 4 is very flattering! i love it!
  6. I like 4 the best! but I do like the black top in 1.... so maybe you can add an option 5 and mix 1 and 4 together? lol

    Oh, you're very pretty and congrats for the pregnancy! Have fun at the party!
  7. Just another thing I wanted to add: In outfit #1 you are exuding an obvious confidence that others will notice. It seems to me that you are enjoying wearing this outfit more than the others.

    Also, the outfit makes you look more womanly - if you catch my drift. ;)
  8. I prefer number four,casual elegant and I think it would suit the ocassion without leaving you over or underdressed and make you feel most comfortable to enjoy the evening!!xxxxxxx
  9. #1 is perfect!
  10. #1! You look great in all of them, though...:tup:
  11. I love number 1, its put together great and I love the boots, you look great. Enjoy yourself :smile:
  12. Thank You guys! Looks Like #1 is the winner! Whoo Hoo! (The season I did not look so happy in pic 23&4 is because my kids kept walking in front of the camera! LOL! I was getting cranky! LOL! But I love #1 also! (and #4.)

    Well, if anyone is going, please say hi! At least you know what I'm wearing!!:graucho:
  13. I love option 1 or 4. Hey! I love your bed.. I've always wanted a bed with canopy.
  14. I vote for 4. And I like your bed! The canopy is so pretty.
  15. Thanks! I love my bed also. We got it from Bombay Company.