What should I watch at 12?

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What should I watch at 12?

  1. God or the Girl

  2. Dr. 90210

  3. Roseanne

  4. Little people, big world

  5. Golden Girls

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  1. So, what will it be? :nuts: :nuts:
  2. just ignore me!
  3. Watch the little people, or Roseanne but I voted for little people.
  4. Little people is always a good choice. :smile:

    I :love: the Roloffs! hehehe
  5. Me, too! Don't they seem like they'd be so nice to now?
  6. at 12 on the WB here.. is Will & Grace. i vote you should watch that instead. W&G's always funny. :smile:
  7. They really are! I watched a special about another family on TLC's medical channel or whatever...and I was like "I like the Roloffs so much better" then my husband called me mean. Whatever. They have charisma.
    Will & Grace is on at ten here every night...double episodes. So I've already watched it for the night. :smile:
  8. I love Little People Big World! I got hooked on the show yesterday after seeing the marathon. What a great family, especially the mom and dad. They're so supportive. :amuse:
  9. Golden Girls! A lifetime classic! hahahahaha
  10. Sorry, i never reall stay up 'till midnight on a weeknight. I think Will and Grace is on. That show is funny.
  11. I'm never up at midnite either but if I was I try to find a movie that's on tv or watch one of those stupid paid advertisments (always get hooked) or just find something low key and try to fall alseep to it.
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