What should I watch at 12?

  1. God or the Girl
    Little people, big world
    Dr. 90210
    The Golden Girls

    hahah so....what will it be??
  2. I really really like Litte People, Big World. If you've seen this epi, though, Roseanne. I like those two best.
  3. 90210
  4. Dr. 90210. I love watching the transformations..... WOW!!
  5. 90210..so we can watch the docs wife,Hailey ,whine about her weight loss....her..big house and how her hubby is never home anymore cuz the mortgage is GINORMOUS!!!...common sense...!!???so sad!
  6. OOOps...double post...learning how to do the poll thingy...I thought it was the same post...someone delete me! hehehe

    okay so far 90210 is winning! ;)
  7. Dr. 90210 it is ladies! :biggrin: