What should I use?

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  1. What should I use to remove/fade a red marker stain on my Paddington hobo? It's a small mark, but I'm pretty sure it was made by one of those Sharpie red permanent markers. I think someone had a bit of the red marker on their hand and touched my bag, so it rubbed off onto my Paddington. Any suggestions on cleaners to treatments to remove this or is it not even worth it and I should just leave it? Of course, since it's my bag, that's the only thing I notice when I look at it. :crybaby:
  2. Oh dear, I'm so sorry this happened! :sad:

    All I can suggest is that you call the store you bought it from and ask if they can send it back to Chloe to have it cleaned; or have a specialist leather cleaner have a look at it.