what should i take to Italy

  1. Well, i am going to Italy this weekend for 2 weeks! what (out of my collection) should i take with me? And what should i pickup in Italy? also are the prices different?

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  3. I think you should take your Antigua, practical and discreet. For prices, they are much less expensive than United States, but a little more expensive than in France, but it's still interesting.
  4. your azur bag!
  5. Take the following:

    -Gucci tote for sure
    -Azur Keepall
    -Damier Geant Messager
  6. I would take the azur for sure, great travel bag. then at least one shoulder bag for walking around and stuff.
  7. I love Italy, have a fab time !!, take the antigua, its great
  8. lol the mall looks amazing! any other suggestions as to anything i should buy
  9. I lived in Italy for many years. My children were born there. A wonderful place to visit and live.

    I would take the Gucci tote and Azur Keepall.
  10. I would take the Antigua, possibly the Gucci tote (does it have an open top or zipper?).
    Is that a wapity I see? If so I would take that. Handy for when you don't want to carry alot.

    As for what to buy??? Make the most of the price diff!!
    Have a lovely time!
  11. Where in Italy are you going?/?
  12. Im basicaly entering through Milan and coming out through Rome so everything in between!

  13. Listen to Socalgem...an expert!
  14. Yes, you should buy DesigningStyle a stylish gift...afterall she is half Sicilian!