What should I spend my money on???? Help!

  1. So, I have about $900 to spend on a bag and I don't know which to get. I need some help b/c I am very undecided and I already have a lot of handbags. I don't want a spy b/c I just bought the only one I need in December. Does anyone have any suggestions???? I need HELP!!!!:confused1:
  2. All I remember about your Fendi bags is that they are all very unusual & gorgeous, so this could be a challenge FL. :confused1: You have the edge on us all working at the Outlet :graucho: . Do you have or desire a B bag or a Bag de Jour? The Fendi/speedy satchels are cute also...Are you looking for everyday or dress up or dress down...so many decisions here...:confused1:
  3. I think I am looking for everyday. I was thinking about the bag da jour but I think the one I like is like $1500. I don't really want to spend more than the $900. If anybody comes across a nice bag da jour for $900 let me know. And thanks for the input baglady!!!
  4. The authentic Bag da Jours only come up for eBay auction every once in a while, but they do go for $500 - $700 usually. I picked this one up in that price range -- its the large Nappa, big enough for a major trip or shopping excursion. I can't get over the workmanship, but I am sure you are used to that!

  5. OMG, baglady. That bag is sooo beautiful.:drool:
    I really would like to see photos of your collection!
  6. Are you open to any designer?
  7. I have to buy Fendi and it has to been from a Fendi store. They gave us some credits, so I that is where I have to spend it. Not that I am complaining...
  8. How about one of the canvas and patent east/west B bags, or canvas and metallic? They are just a little more than that price. So fun for summer!

    OR, two pairs of HOT shoes!
  9. ^^^^
    I love this idea : 2 pairs of HOT shoes :smile: !!!
  10. I gonna look up your collection again and get back to you! ;)
  11. How about a variation of either the new B. Mix style or the Chef? Or maybe like Lit said the East/West B.?

    B. Mix (my personal fav) :heart:




    East/West B

    Fendi B. Mix.jpg Fendi Leather Chef.jpg Fendi East-West B..jpg
  12. 1. Shoes to match your spy would be wonderful. I can't get over how gorgeous those shoes are.

    2. That chef bag that starsgarb posted! It is positively drool-worthy!

    3. East-West B-bag in blueberry with black patent (this will run you a little more than your credit, but the color combo is gorgeous!) or white linen with red patent (a little bit of punch to the white) which is closer to the store credit.
  13. I know! I was absolutely obsessed with this bag for months, (after I forgot to bid on one I was watching on eBay :crybaby:).

    Fendilover2822, you could also get a zucca baby spy! :graucho:
  14. ^^^ :sad: That bites! I hope another one turns up for you.

    I also have a softness for the Magic bag too! There was one in a patent leather that I think would utterly rock!
  15. Oh, that is the worst! I am beginning to think more and more that automatic auction snipers are the way to go. It just kills me when I don't bid and then it goes for some insanely low price!