What should I send back?

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  1. image.jpeg Okay so I've been away from Mulberry for a while now and only buying Louis Vuitton. However the recent sale has made me dip into Mulberry again.

    I decided that I could do with a slim purse so I've brought the tree coin purse. This was my only planned purchases .:smile:

    Sale fever came over me and I've also brought a cosmetic pouch ( was thinking of having as a small clutch for keys,phone and purse on holiday during the day and night and then today in HOF they had the last lily in silver mirror so I brought it. :confused1: I like that it's different from my other Lily's .

    I can't keep all of them so either the cosmetic pouch or lily needs to go back.
    My thoughts are that
    1. The cosmetic pouch is not the only pouch I own put is my only mulberry cosmetic pouch and my only red
    2. Will the lily become dated quickly and this is not the only lily I own. I would only use as a night bag and maybe when I wear grey.

    What would you do?
  2. I feel like you've already decided that it's the lily that is needing to be going back.
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    Honestly? I'd send both the lily and the cosmetic pouch back - you've got alternatives to both of them, and they sound like impulse purchases that you might be so so about in a while
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  4. If it were my decision I would send back lily, finger marks drive me insane! I have mulberry cosmetic pouch in mulberry pink, nice but a lot of money , even in the sale, for what it is. So I guess I'm with Pessie, send them both back and put pennies towards something you love .
  5. Dont like the shiny lilies at all
  6. I'd send the lily back - the mirror finish won't look outdatd as quickly in the darker colours. I love the red colour but I find that there are only so many pouches you can use, so unless you really need it, save the money for some other fabulous buy :heart:
  7. I've decided that I will send back the cosmetic pouch as I don't need another one, plus I already have a cosmetic case from LV.

    Now I need to decide on the silver mirror. I think what I like about it is that it silver with SHW. ...
  8. I love the silver on silver lily! I bought the blue version (even though I already have a lily) and think it's gorge - especially IRL. Do wish it had SHW though like yours.

    I would keep it if you will defo use it You can't have too many lilies
  9. I think you should ask yourself if you would have purchased the lily at full price if it wasn't in the sale. If you would, keep it - if not, return it.
  10. I agree, several small impulse purchases can stop you buying the big one you really want!
  11. I agree too buying bags because they are half price when you didnt lust after them before is always a mistake - its settling for 2nd best you wont be happy with them a dmay find it hard to sell on as everyone knows they were reduced massively - i fail to see why so many people bought roxettes for instance the issue wasnt the price for me it was the silly fastening poor leather boxiness etc etc just a poorly designed and made bag but each to their own- hold out and save for what you really want.

    I have bought two small half price items to put away as presents from the sale and that is it. Have to say matchesfashion are brilliant not only came in grey mulberry boxes large enough to store a medium lily in but in a huge matches box which i can put quite a few dusties in too its 70x 40 cm !!!!
  12. :smile::smile:All your advise are very true. The reason why this bag was not in my want list is because I didn't even know this existed as I haven't looked at Mulberry for well over a year as I've been busy buying LV. I didn't even know it came out for Christmas.

    The more I look at it the more I'm thinking about keeping it as it's very different to other mulberrys I've seen and the silver bag that I like from Lv is over 5 X the price ! I still have time to decide ... But more leaning towards keep then return :smile:
  13. Ok so I finally decide that you were all right and that the silver bag was an impulse buy and I'm going to return it in a minute. That means both have been return and I'm just keeping the coin purse that I wanted at the beginning . All week I have been trying to decide if to keep it or not . This is not normally how I am with a new bag , I usually try and use it at much a possible and am absolutely in love with the new bag but all weekend I haven't used it once and then deciding if I should get a different colour. The only other bag I was like this with was my LV monogram speedy b ...... I sold it after a few months and replaced it with the speedy b DE.

    Thank you all for keeping me not make a bad choice and having to try and sell it down the line .
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  14. Good decision. If you have been deciding for that long you don't love it and therefore shouldn't keep it.
    Get something that you really want and will use lots
  15. Well done sale fever can take over...the thought of a bargain but if its not instant love then always return