What should I save up for? HELP!

  1. I would like to get everyone's opinion on which of these would be the most useful for me to save up for. I decided to start with something small, and it will take a while for me to save up for one, but I REALLY want something from LV!

    Just a little background... I will eventually want little several small things to keep the following items inside my purse. My usual junk in my purse would be my keys, checkbook and credit cards, money and loose change, my Sirius Stiletto portable satellite radio, iPod 30 GB, small amount of makeup (chapstick, lip gloss, small perfume, femine items, etc.)

    Some of the LV items I was looking at would be the Monogram Pouchette Florentine, some kind of checkbook and card holder with places for cash and coin, maybe a Wapity for my iPod and stiletto, and at this point I am completing overwhelmed and confused!

    The more I think about it, the more confused I get about what to start with and what would hold what. Any ideas?
  2. Hmm, maybe you should start by identifying a wallet that you think would work for you. The wallets are so much more expensive than the other LV accessories, so you'd have the big purchase planned first. I think a Mono PTI might work for you, it seems to be the most popular LV wallet. Then, for your accessories, I would just decide what really needs to be in an accessory pouch and how much you'd like to spend. You could probably toss most of it into a pochette accessories and then use it as a little handbag for shopping too. Or if you're looking for something for just your electronics, maybe a Wapity. Are you planning on carrying your accessories outside of your bag, or are they going to live primarily in your bigger bag? That will probably have some bearing on what you pick too.

    If you're looking for that first LV accessory, I would go pochette accessories, but that's just my opinion. It seems like it could be very versitile and it's reasonably priced.
  3. I never even thought of getting a pouchette accessories for some of my stuff! I think I will try to make it out to the Troy, Michigan boutique this weekend and take a look at the size of some items. Then I can save up for the checkbook/wallet later, as that sounds like the next best thing to purchase.

    Does anyone have experience with the Troy, MI store?
  4. How fun! Have you thought about using an agenda for a wallet and credit card holder too? That way you can get like three accessories for the price of one! And I think an agenda is about $250 to $350, so IMO it's really worth the price.