What should I pack for a trip to SanFran, LA & New York in Feb & March?

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  1. Ladies, I'm over for holiday, have no idea what to pack because I don't have any idea what the weather is like in reality over in these states... any suggestions for you ladies who live there locally?

    Is it very cold? should i bring at least one big coat? or just layers with a leather jacket on top perhaps?

    TIA! ;)
  2. New York will be the coldest in the 40s. San Francisco will be in the high 50s or low 60s. Los Angeles will be in the high 60s or low 70s.

    I live in LA and I have lived in SF and the two are very diverse weather-wise. San Francisco can be bitter-cold in the middle of the summer and LA often has beach weather in January, so the average temperatures may not be exact. I'd bring a bunch of layers that can work for each climate. It might be rainy in SF or NY, so you should prepare for that as well.
  3. i think the weather has been shifting....feb/march can be still cold. it could still be in the 30s....and if you are going to be on the streets a lot, bring a very warm coat. even if you can afford cabs most of the time...sometimes it's just not easy to catch one. welcome to NY!!
  4. Thanks girls! YAY! So excited! I wonder what its like compared to our weather here... can get down to 0 - minu 1 celcius in the winter here! eeks!
  5. I live in San Francisco! Be prepared for rain and overcast, bleh! Make sure to pack a parka and a peacoat or something because it can get rather windy and brisk here. And since it's really hilly here and I imagine you'll be walking a lot, SNEAKERS!
  6. thanks Panda! yes, sneakers will be a must! yikes wind... ><
  7. 30F means minus 1C so be ready for cold. 60F is about 15-16C. I hope that helps
  8. I suggest clothes than you can easily layer for the different weathers. A scarf will be a cute and warm accessory in addition to your coat.
  9. OP, I forgot, I was in LA for 4 years when I went to school there. LA weather is very tricky! It's usually quite warm in Feb/March..probably around the high 60's, low 70's as ahertz mentioned. Therefore, you should also pack some sandals, sunglasses, tank tops...probably not shorts....

    To pack lighter, I'd advise layering! If you're like me, you loathe lugging around tons of well..luggage.
  10. thanks ladies for all your suggestions... yes I think it will be a good idea to bring layers that I can coordinate... take on take off depending on the weather... now the hard part... start organising... >.< not exactly one of my strong abilities lol!
  11. omg . . . that's a very diverse group of destinations! having lived in NYC & SF, and visited LA many times, i would advise:
    • NYC: WARM clothes! you definitely need a warm winter coat (fur, cashmere, or similar) & gloves. i would also bring a cashmere stole that can do double duty (folded lengthwise into a scarf in nyc & worn as a light wrap for chilly evenings in LA)
    • SF: daily highs will be in the mid-high 50s or low 60s, which for me usually means jeans, a camisole/tee under a hoodie or light sweater, and a leather jacket are sufficient. be aware that san francisco's microclimates make layering extremely important - sometimes it's super warm by my apartment, but it's freezing by my office (only a 10 minute walk away!!). don't forget to bring an umbrella as well!
    • LA: this will be your warmest destination *but* remember that it still gets down as low as 50 at night, even if the daytime is warm. temperature variation between day & evening is much more pronounced in SF & LA than it is in NYC
  12. ^ita

    lots of layers! i rarely wear sandals in LA during those months.... comfortable flats or sneakers would work well in all cities. tons of layers and a good coat. the scarf is a good suggestion as well.
  13. I'd bring pretty much everything. If you are like me, you might even need shorts or a dress in LA while you are there, because the weather is so erratic here in so cal. I know there was a week here in Jan that I was wearing shorts every day. It's so unpredictable in so cal I swear. When you come the daytime highs could be anywhere from high 50s to 80s here, but still typically down to the 40s at night. NY and SF I don't know as well personally
  14. addicted ali pack lite so you will have an excuse to shop!
  15. In New York, bring layers t-shirts and tank tops with warm cashmere. Wool tights for day and opaques or sheers for night if you wear skirts/dresses. You don't necessarily need fur or a down coat unless you get easily cold. Jeans and boots or wool tights and boots should keep you warm on your bottom half. On top I've been wearing a camisole, cashmere cardigan and a wool coat and been toasty warm. Bring a cashmere shawl and a lighter scarf for if the weather changes.

    When I was in SF in early February last year, it was unusually cold. I only wore a leather jacket layered over a thin sweater and thin t-shirt but probably should have brought a wool coat. I think temperatures then were in the 40-50F.